2. The Pokrov Mother of God

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1920-1930 y.
Author: Mihhailov's workshop
Wood, lewkas, tempera.
Size: 50x41x2,7 cm.

A large and exquisite icon of an Old Believer from Latvia. The Virgin atop a bank of clouds within a church holds her mantle (Pokrov) in her arms, outstretched over the assembly below symbolizing her protective nature. She is flanked by a gathering of Saints. A beautifully rendered and complex icon.

Collection specimen.

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The Pokrov Mother of God, A large and exceptionally well-painted icon of this complex subject. At top left Mary is seen in the air inside a church. She holds a scroll which begins "Lord Jesus Christ Son of..." to her son who delivers a blessing. Directly behind her is John the Forerunner followed by John the Theologian. Still further behind them is a gathering of 18 Saints and Prophets including Peter, Paul, the Three Hierarchs, Nicholas, Moses, David, Anna, Barbara, Dmitry, Sergiy and a group of Angels. The Virgin holds her mantle (Pokrov) open and over those witnessing the event below, spreading over the whole congregation as a symbol of her protection. That is why this icon is sometimes called in English "The Mother of God of the Protecting Veil". In the center below is Romanos the Melodist. He holds a scroll, which begins, "Today the Virgin Stands in the Church". Behind him to the right is the Holy Fool (Blazhennuiy) Andrey. He points towards Mary above, showing her to his disciple Epifaniy. Behind them further to the right is a scene from the life of Romanov the Melodist who could not sing well until Mary appeared to him in a dream and gave him a scroll of music to eat, thereby giving him the gift of song. On the lower left is the Patriarch of Constantinople and behind and above him are the Emperor and Empress.

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