11. The Dormition with clouds

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Circa 1800 y.
Cypress wood, lewkas, tempera.
Size: 31x26,5x2,5.

High quality, school painting, painted in traditions of Palekh School. Classical example of the traditions of the Russian iconography. This icon represents workmanship which in its day would have been considered of the highest quality. In very good condition.

The Dormition depicts the death or “Falling Asleep” of Mary. Tradition related that when her death grew near, angels brought the apostles from different parts of the world to be present at her side. Thomas, who arrived later, should correctly be omitted but often is not as in this example. Here the Apostles are seen arriving in clouds pushed by angels. Christ stands behind his mother in an aureole surrounded by different ranks of angels. Christ receives his mother’s soul, represented as an infant. The Apostles stand around her. A fanatical Jewish priest (sometimes named Iefoniya or Athonios) stands before the bier on which Mary lies. Attempting to push it over, he has his hands cut off by a sword-wielding angel (he later repented and was healed). In the circle at upper center is Mary enthroned and ascending heavenward, an element not part of early iconography. The story of the Dormition is based largely on a fourth or fifth century apocryphal work called “The Discourse of Holy John the Theologian Regarding the Dormition of the Mother of God.” The Dormition is one of the twelve major church festivals and is celebrated on August 28th.

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