12. The Ascension of The Lord

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1920-1930 y.
Author: Mihhailov's workshop
Wood, lewkas, tempera.
Size: 76x51x2,8 cm.

A large and exquisite icon of an Old Believer from Latvia. A fine icon painted in the 16th Century style. Here Christ is seen rising to Heaven in a circle of light supported by two angels. Below two angels gesture toward Him as the disciples look on. Mary stands at the center. The Slavonic inscription at the top identifies the subject as Voznesenie Gospodne (The Ascension of The Lord). A fine icon in excellent condition.

This icon reproduces the story of the Ascension of Jesus Christ found in the Gospels (Mark, 16.19 – 20; Luke, 24.50-53) and in the Acts of the Apostles (1.1-II).

On the 40th day after the Cruci¬fixion, Jesus Christ brought the twelve apostles to the Mount of Olives near Jerusalem; edifying and blessing them, “I began to move away from them and as¬cend to heaven.” The general meaning of the icon is that of the completion and fulfillment of the saving mis¬sion of Jesus Christ on earth. Although the New Testament texts tell of the Ascension of Christ, they do not speak of the presence of the Virgin who is often portrayed in the center of the composition in icons of the Ascension.

The Lord’s Ascension is one of the twelve major festivals of the Orthodox Church, celebrated on the 40th day after Easter.

This icon has museum and collection level.

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