15. The Jesus Christ the Savior

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Moscow, circa1880 y.
Cypress wood, lewkas, tempera, silver oklad.
Size: 31x26,5x2,5 cm.

On the back side of an icon a fragment of a label of the Moscow icons dealer Ivan Silina's. His shop was to the address: the market of New – Alexandrov, number 28-34. On the oklad a brand " И. З." (I.Z.) - master Ivan Zahharov .

The icon represents Christ in blessing with left hand resting on a book. A fine icon in excellent condition.

The face of the Savior has been painted in naturalistic manner, as it was fashioned during 19th century, and was practiced by such masters as Nesterov, Vasnetsov and Vrubel, who turned to iconography. This is just the case. No need to provide the arguments that it is the work of a great master - painting class speaks for itself. Unfortunately there was a veto on signing the icons.

The setting indirectly confirms the high status of the icon. It is made of 84th alloy of silver, and is composed of several parts: general plane, clothes of the Savior, nimbus and the Gospel. These details are crafted with jeweler precision. here is a hallmark on the setting of the jeweler I.Z. and St. George - mark of Moscow jewelers. The setting plays a role of precious decoration of image of Christ. The silver of the setting is partially covered with patina, but upon a wish of a customer it can be easily cleaned: for now, we decided to keep the original state of preservation of the icon and its setting.

This icon has collection level.

Price: 3500 Euro

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