21. Presentation of the Holy Virgin in the Temple

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19th century.
Wood, lewkas, oil.
Size: 35,5x30,5x2,3 cm.

This icon is painted in an academical painting manner Ancient Russian icon, elegantly painted.

It stands to reason that Almighty God's selection of the Virgin Mary to be the Mother of God was not a random selection. In his wisdom, God selected not from the nobility but from the humble, thoroughly devout, daughter of equally devout parents whose names were Joachim and Anna. Tradition has it that Anna, childless for many years, reached a point in her life when just short of despair she prayed in earnest that God grant her a child with a promise that should her wish be fulfilled she would pledge the child to his holy Temple. It did not matter to Anna that the child granted her by God was a girl and, faithful to her word, she presented her daughter, given the name of Mary, to the holy Temple at the age of three, on the 21st of November.

The icon will decorate your collection and an interior.

Price: 1000 Euro

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