2. The Icon of the Mother of God "The Sign"

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Second half of the 19 century.
Wood, lewkas, tempera.
Size: 26,5x22x2,6 cm.

This image is one of the earliest images of Mary and Christ and one of the first Russian „miracle working” icons. The Virgin is portrayed with hands lifted in prayer for the whole world. In the circle on her breast is the God-Child, the Savior Emmanuel. This iconography is related to Orans (Latin for prayer), an ancient form used for depicting the Virgin. In Russia the half-length depletion of Orans received the name "'The Sign" after the miracle of the Novgorod icon in 1170. That was the year when Suzdal armed forces layed siege to Novgorod. Iliya, the Archbishop of Novgorod, listening to a revelation from above, brought the icon of the Virgin from the Church of the Savior onto Iliyna Street at the city's citadel. During the religious procession under the fortress walls, an arrow pierced the icon. Tears flowed from the eyes of the Virgin and the icon miraculously turned away from the attacking Suzdal forces to face the city. With great strength the Novgorodians succeeded in conquering the Suzdal army. In memory of this miraculous sign from the icon, a holiday honoring it was created on November 27. The representation of the virgin with an orb in her hand is an iconographical peculiarity. As rule, in ancient icons the Christ Child is depicted with a scroll.

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