4. The Fiery Ascension of the Holy Prophet Elijah

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The 18th century. Nord Russia region.
Wood, lewkas, tempera.
Size: 30x24x2,9 cm.

Very rare Russian Hagiographic Icon of St.Elijah. A raven fed Elijah who was hiding in a cave from Ahab. An angel wakes him up and points to a jug of water, and a baked cake, provided by God for his nourishment. In his ascent, the winged horses led by an angel, with the Ancient of Days leaning from the heavens to welcome Elijah. The prophet drops his cloak to his disciple Elisha, conveying a transmission of prophetic spirit, and Elisha uses the cloak to part the waters of the River Jordan. Elijah enjoyed a special cult in Northern Russia, where there was always a danger of fire. Elijah was believed to be a protector against lightning and storms. At center Elijah is depicted in the wilderness at the mouth of a cave and being fed by a Raven (I Kings 17:4-6). He is surrounded with other scenes from his life. God the Father at top left prepares to meet him.

The bottom part of an icon is restored.

This icon has collection level.

Price: 1600 Euro

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