7. The Virgin Mary the protector

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End of the 17th century.
Wood, lewkas, tempera.
Size: 31x27,8x2,1 cm.

Iconography precisely corresponds outline (proris) from Siyskiy icons painted the original. In icons panted the original it is named as Arabian concerns to number of the most ancient icons. Believe, that the phenomenon and its glorification concerns to 1 century, the moment of the evangelical sermon over apostle Foma in India). It is known, that Siyskiy the original has been made of figures of 16 and 17 centuries.

The x-ray picture shows presence of a plenty of the rests of nails on nimbuses of the Mother of God and Jesus. A Plenty of nails is available as at end faces of an icon.
Visual survey of a surface of an icon has shown, that the icon was restored at least once. The ground of a background has probably been strongly spoiled by nails, and it is replaced by a new ground. Gilding of a background is made during the reconstruction. Inserts on a foot of the baby, the right hand of the Mother of god, on Jesus's head (practically all hair) are visible. In corners, in places of attacks one can see the red paint and old gilding. In places of attacks the figure is looked through by a brush executed by a dark paint with a greenish shade.

The text on maphory is written old type. Handwriting idle time without elements of an ornament that is typical for 17 centuries.

This icon has collection level.

Price: 5500 Euro

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