13. The Icon of the Holy Trinity

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18th century. The north of Russia (Pomorie, Vyg).
Wood, lewkas, tempera.
Size: 66x54x3 cm.

The subject of the icon is based on the Bible story about the visit of three Angels to the Prophet Abraham and his wife Sarah. According to the theological interpretations whose authors associated the Old Testament events with events of the New Testament, these Angels were the three Persons of the Trinity: God the Father, God the Son and the Holy Spirit. Though revealing direct iconographic affinity with this kind of representations, the Trinity as painted by Rublev, has its own features which carry a new quality and a new content. In Rublev's icon we observe for the first time all the three Angels shown equal. This icon alone conformed to the strict rules of the orthodox doctrine of the Trinity.

Highly professional level of painting; attention to details of the creases and ornaments of garments, textures of faces, beards and hair. In very good condition. Remarkable icon in our gallery.

This icon has collection level.

Price: 6500 Euro

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