2. The Dormition

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End of the 19th century - beginning of the 20th century.
It is the work of the workshop of G.E. Frolov (Estonia, Rae village).
Stamp of the master on the backside.
Wood, lewkas, tempera.
Size: 53x46x3 cm.

Here Christ receives the soul of his mother in the form of a wrapped infant at the moment of her death (or falling asleep). She lies on a bier surrounded by the Apostles. Below, a sword-wielding angel strikes the hands of a Jewish priest who attempts to push her off the bier. The Dormition is one of the 12 major festivals and is celebrated on August 15th. The icon was created at early 20th century in village Rae. Icon painted in the 16th Century style. This fine icon is in excellent condition.

Frolov, Gabriel Efimovich was born in 1853 (or 1854) in colony Mitkovka, the Chernigov province, in family of the icon painter of the Old Believer. Per 1867 family Frolov´s moved in city Pezekne (Latvia) where the father has opened a workshop. After death of the father in 1875 brothers Gabriel and Tit Frolov have been invited for work to Moscow where have opened icon-painting workshop at the Preobrazhenskiy cemetery. In 1887 (on other sources в1890) By the invitation J.P.Sofronov, Gabriel Efimovich Frolov moves in village Rae (Estonia) where founds icon painting workshop. His icons are available in old believe communities of Latvia and Estonia, in private collections. On icons there is a personal brand of the master (which it was put and on works of his workshop). Has died on September 28th, 1930 in v. Rae. Had some pupils among whom P.Sofronov, M.Solntsev. It is possible that his pupils worked with him above creation of an iconostasis in old believe church in Kikitki: F.Myznikov, D.Poljakov, N.Gluhov. Surnames of several more pupils of Frolov are known only: Terenty Berezin, Merzljakov, Mornev, Obramov, Suslov. Frolov's works were highly appreciated among experts icon painting, he was known in Petersburg, Riga, Moscow, and Kazan.

This icon is a real Artwork and has museum significance.

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