7. The icon with four parts

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Second half of the 19th century.
The Chernigov province?
Wood (cypress), lewkas, tempera.
Size: 29,5x25x2,3 cm.

On icon are represented: The Virgin „Melter of evil hearts “, The Virgin „Of the consolation“, The Virgin “Unexpected Joy”, Saints Gurius, Samon and Aviv.
The Virgin „Melter of evil hearts “. The subject of this icon has been known for at least 500 years, but it was only in the early 18th century when it appeared in Russia, apparently, having been transferred here from Roman Catholic iconography.
The Virgin „Of the consolation“. The history of this icon starts in the year 1640. According to tradition the Holy Virgin appeared in this year in the Holy Saint Nicolas Church in Moscow. The ‘proto-type’ was miracle-working. This icon is also well known by the name: ‘Utoli Moja Pecali’.

Russian Icon of the Unexpected Joy Mother of God. This "Unexpected Joy Most Holy Mother of God" (Nechaennuiya Radosti Presvatuiya Bogoroditsui) depicts an interior in which a man kneels before a large Icon of the Mother of God, who holds the child Jesus on her left arm. The child bears the wounds of the crucifixion. The tale illustrated is this: A certain man who led a sinful life was nonetheless devoted to the Mother of God & daily venerated her Icon, repeating the words of the Archangel Gabrielle's greeting - "Rejoice, Blessed One..." (the Slavonic version of "Hail Mary, full of grace"). One day he made ready to go & blood began to pour out of them. Falling to the floor the sinner cried out, "O Lady, who has done this?" (O Gospozhe kto se sotvori). The image replied, "You & the other sinners who crucify my Son anew with your sins" (Tui i prodchly gryeshnitsui izhe paki raspinaete suina moego grekhami iakozhe podee). The sinner of course, repented & was forgiven, so the experience was a great "unexpected joy," thus the title of this Icon type.

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