5. The Beheading of Saint John the Baptist

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Second half of the19th century, Moscow school.
Wood (cypress), lewkas, tempera.
Size: 35x30x2,5 cm.

High quality, school painting, executed in 17 century traditions. It is a classic example of the Russian iconographical traditions. Very good condition.

John was the son of Zachariah, a Temple priest, and his wife, Elizabeth, the cousin of the Theotokos. He was born when his parents were advanced in years, after a prophecy by an angel. He lived an ascetical life in the wilderness as an Old Testament Prophet, and he preached a message of repentance and of preparation for the coming of the Messiah and his Kingdom. He himself baptized Christ in the Jordan River and proclaimed Him as the Messiah. John was imprisoned for denouncing the incestuous union of Herod Antipas with Herodias. When Salome', Herodias' daughter, greatly pleased Herod with her dancing, he promised to give her whatever she wanted. Prompted by her mother, she demanded the head of St. John on a platter. He was immediately executed.
On fields are represented: the left border depicts St.John the Baptist. On the right border St. Eudokia.

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