11. Set from 3 icons

Our Lady, The Jesus Christ the Savior and
St. John Baptist from Deisis

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End of the19th century. Moscow school.
Wood, lewkas, tempera.
Size: 31x26,5x2,5 cm. (everyone)

This icon is hand-painted with egg tempera. It is high quality, detailed school painting. Good condition. All three icons painted by one artist, but all three have different style (which is also more valuable). Such unusual way of formation of complete sets meets in works of Moscow workshop J.A. Bogatenko.

Large and impressive Russian Iconostasis forms by three Icons, also called Deisis. The term Deisis is derived from the Greek means prayer. They may all be on a single panel or on the three panels, which comprise a Deisis row. A Deisis row is one of the basic elements of an early Russia Iconostasis. Besides this, Deisis compositions were placed above the entrance doors and gates of Church buildings and frequently painted in the upper margins of icons or as part of a complex composition. It is the focal point of the iconostasis consisting of Christ flanked by Mary and John the Baptist. Mary turned inward toward her son in an attitude of prayer. She holds a scroll upon which is written; "Ruler Most Gracious, Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God". In the center, Christ as the Lord Almighty, delivers a blessing and holds a book of Gospels open to Matthew 11:27. "Vsya Mnye Predana Buisha Ot Otsa Moego - All Things are delivered to me of my Father..." On the right, turned inward is John the Forerunner. He cradles a discos (Eucharistic footed dish) containing the nude infant Christ, symbolizing the Lamb of God of the Eucharist. He also delivers a blessing and holds open scroll upon which is written: "Behold the Lamb of God, which takes away the sins of the World".

This icon is a Real Artwork and has museum level.

Price: SOLD

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