12. The icon with five parts

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Middle of the 19th century. Moscow school.
Wood, lewkas, tempera.
Size: 35,8x31x2,5 cm.

Level of painting is highly professional. Attention to the details of the creases and ornaments of garments, textures of faces, beards and hair. In good condition.

On icon are represented: The Pokrov Mother of God (Icon of the Intercession), The Virgin “Unexpected Joy”, The Virgin „Melter of evil hearts “, Our Lady the Hope of sinners (Vzyskanie pogibshikh) and in the center in a round medallion - The Virgin the Burning Bush.

Lovely Russian Icon of the Intercession (Pokrov). This subject combines two parts. Andreas, a holy-fool, attended an all-night service in the Church of the Blashernae in Constantinople, where the veil of the Virgin was said to be kept, together with his young follower Epiphany. During the service they saw the Virgin accompanied by saints going up to the ambo and praying, then took her long eastern-style veil from the sanctuary and spreaded it over the worshippers. (The Life of the Holy-Fool Andreas). Another impetus for the creation of the composition was the special custom of raising the embroidered cloth covering the image of the Virgin which was observed each week in the Church of the Blachernae during the all-night service from Friday to Saturday. The feast of the Intercession was established in Russia in the city of Vladimir during the reign of Prince Andrei Bogolubsky. The oldest composition of the Intercession dates from the thirteenth century and iconographical types became established in the fourteenth century. One type is predominantly associated with Novgorod, another with Intercession include two subjects of different origin: the miracle in the Church of the Blachernae and the miracle of the return of Romanus's voice, which traditionally took place in Saint Sofia's in Constantinople in the presence of the Patriarch and the Emperor.

The composition of the Intercession expresses the idea of the Virgin's protection and mediation. The Russian Icon of the Unexpected Joy Mother of God. This "Unexpected Joy Most Holy Mother of God" (Nechaennuiya Radosti Presvatuiya Bogoroditsui) depicts an interior where a man kneels before a large Icon of the Mother of God, who holds the child Jesus on her left arm. The child bears the wounds of the crucifixion. The tale illustrated here: A certain man who led a sinful life was nonetheless devoted to the Mother of God and daily venerated her Icon, repeating the words of the Archangel Gabrielle's greeting - "Rejoice, Blessed One..." (the Slavonic version of "Hail Mary, full of grace"). One day he made ready to go and blood began to pour out of the wounds Jesus. Falling to the floor the sinner cried out: "O Lady, who has done this?" (O Gospozhe kto se sotvori). The image replied, "You and the other sinners who crucified my Son anew with your sins" (Tui i prodchly gryeshnitsui izhe paki raspinaete suina moego grekhami iakozhe podee). The sinner of course, repented & was forgiven, so the experience was a great "unexpected joy," thus the title of this Icon type.

The Virgin „Melter of evil hearts “. The subject of this icon has been known for at least 500 years, but it was only in the early 18th century when it appeared in Russia, apparently, having been transferred here from Roman Catholic iconography.
Our Lady the Hope of sinners (Vzyskanie pogibshikh). The miraculous original of this copy owes its name to the 7th century tale "On the Penitence of Theophilus, Chirch Cellarer in the City of Adan". The Church tradition relates several miracles performed by icons of The Hope of Sinners in 18th C. Russia. The 19th C. considered the icons of St. George church at Bolkhov and the church of the Nativity of Christ at Palashi (Moscow, is at present in the church at Uspensky Vrazhek), the oldest and best-known among these images. The service to this image was complied in Moscow in the 19th C. The prayer to Our Lady the Hope of Sinners was taken from a Russian translation of the Tale of Theophilus.

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