18. Our Lady of Bogoljubovo

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End of the18th century. Moscow school.
Wood, lewkas, tempera.
Size: 40x32x3 cm.

High quality, school painting. Classical example of the traditions of Russian iconography. In very good condition.

Extremely rare Russian Icon of the Bogolubskaya Mother of God. The appearance of this holy image is closely linked with the life of Russian greatest miracle-working icon, Vladimir Icon of the Mother of God. When in 1157 Prince Andrei Bogolyubsky moved his residence to Suzdal, he decided to take this icon along with him. Having approached Vladimir, the horses suddenly stopped on the bank of the Klyazma River and refused to make another step forward. The amazed Prince spent the night in prayer in front the icon. During the prayer the Most Holy Theotokos appeared to him, holding a scroll in Her right hand, and commanded the Prince to take the icon to Vladimir and to build a church and found a cloister at the spot where miraculous event took place. Obeying the heavenly command, Prince Andrei Bogolybksy founded a church dedicated to the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin at the spot and ordered icon-painters to depict the Heavenly Queen as She appeared to him.

Restoration works have been done around 1900.

This icon has collection level.

Price: 2300 Euro

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